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Here’s what some of the companies say about using our certificates to increase their sales and leads:

Our call center has used over 100,000 Travel Saver Vacation certificates for the past 13 years.  At 10 cents each, you can’t beat the value these vacations bring to our presentation.

Keith Fraker, The Braden Group

“As the owner of the world’s largest Home Based Network of Appointment Setters, with over 5,000 appointment setters in over 1,400 USA cities, we have found Travel Saver vacation certificates to be the very best premium with any type client. From Solar to Home Improvement to Water Purification to Automotive, etc. The free vacation offer increases appointment settings by at least 40%. I highly recommend them to anyone in direct marketing or lead generation.” 

Keith Monen ceo@biz10x.com Ph: 971-312-1060 www.appointmentsetters.org http://www.appointmentsetters.org

"There is not a better company with Customer Service and Fulfillment of their certificates than Cash Saver/Travel Saver. This is why I only sell Cash Saver products. Thank you Roy for your great advice and professionalism. Offering Cash Saver certificates has made Increase Business Sales one of the top Incentive companies. Visit us and join my team at"   http://www.increasebusinesssales.com                 Elia Revuelta @ Increase Business Sales 

Our call center provides leads for both Hyla and Rainbow Vacuum Sales. Nothing keeps a prospect on the phone better than a free vacation to hear about a great vacuum cleaner.  Our leads have increased 30% since using your vacations.

Jeff Feldman, B2C Solutions

As a marketing major I have always used premium incentives to bring prospects into automotive show rooms. Travel Saver Vacations has out pulled every thing we have ever tried. Thanks for making my job easy.

Gabriel Ichim, The Caliber Group

I am a sales agent for Burt Chevrolet in Englewood, Colorado and I must comment Travel Saver for bringing customers to our showroom floor to fill out a credit application. My commissions have increased and my old customers are happy with your premium offers. In my industry, that leads to repeat customers. Thanks for these offers.”  


Our solar call center was running at 18% listen rate before we switched to Free Vacation Certificates. We now have a 41% listen rate which increased our appointments by over 50% a day.

Michael Anderson - appointments2sales.gmail.com

"What can I Say? Wow, Wow, Wow..I can't believe how much money I made on my last order I sold! $3 each and it only took 30 minutes of my time. I just want to thank every one at Cash Saver for doing such a great job communicating with me, and shipping out my orders with in 24 hours. I look forward to having a long business venture with you guys. Nick Roman Roman Empire   

"We started using your certificates in 1998 for our customers. Then other companies asked where I was getting them. Next thing, I started a new business selling to these companies. I have a new business and enjoy the commissions every month. Thanks for the opportunity."  Steve Simon E & S Enterprises

"I was introduced to you people by Bill Kegley. I have been using you since 1999 and my business has increased and I get paid when my certificates are redeemed. Never had a complaint yet. Thanks for this product."  Ron Powers Power Industries Ft Worth, TX

"I found you people in 1998 and since have placed over 130 orders for clients all over the country. Thanks for the commissions I earn every month." Jerry Slavens Beach Distributors jerry@panamacity.com

"Many thanks for the best appointment setting premium we have ever tried. We used to spend thousands monthly for  kitchen knives as our premium to get our reps in the homes. We now spend less than $100 per month and set 3 times as many leads. Our sales reps thank you also." Robert Alderio, Kirby of West Valley

"Travel Saver is a great company with great products. My customers are always pleased with the quick delivery and quality of their orders. I couldn't ask for a better company to work with their certificates are a great value to businesses for promotional use and also a great bargain to the end-user, which is most important! 12 years and we are still a distributor of your offers" Kendell Hendricks

I am the sales manager for US Satellite Sales and my sales agents need at least 3 leads a day. WE offered your vacations in 2001 and we reached our quota on leads for the first time since we started this company in 1999. in 2004 we started offering the grocery savings of $1000 and our referral leads doubled. I/m hesitant to tell you what happened when we offered the GUARANTEED $1000 in restaurant savings as our competitors may discover you people. Our leads cost us 10 cents each, Our industry average for leads is $5.25. You people make my job easy." Michael Johnson US Satellite Santa Ana, CA

"We saw our competitor, Travelogia, using your vacations to build an online travel MLM company. We switched to your vacations as our incentive reward and we are now signing up hundreds of new clients every week. Thanks for the opportunity!" M.R. Edwards, CEO Players Vacations

"These vacations have changed my life! They turned a struggling business into a striving one! Fabulous, honest people to deal with! You can't go wrong using these vacations!" Dennis SALZMAN

"I can honestly say without a doubt that the Travel Saver certificates have impacted our business tremendously. It is a win win situation for the consumer as well as the dealer. The value the certificates offer is one of a kind and we will continue to use these as a fantastic marketing tool. Thanks a million."  Dan & Terri Kuschill

"Our company is distributing many different travel vouchers and has teamed up with Travel Saver to offer 2 night hotel accommodations, one of our best travel deals. Among our incentives the "3 day/2 night" vouchers are one of the most popular items with our clients. They like to be able to give free vacations to their customers for pennies. Unlike similar travel products offered by other companies, customers using the Travel Saver vacations don't have to buy anything extra. (no airfare to buy, not a "2 for 1" offer, etc.) ... they get hotel accommodation for a fraction of what they would have to pay normally."  

David Lemieux

At Biz10x.com we help sales companies build their sales 10 X faster and larger with many custom solutions. The Travel Saver free vacation offer generated over 3000 replies in less than one week. It’s an amazing 10 X response builder.

Keith, ceo@biz10x.com 1-844-4BIZ10X www.biz10x.com

"Holiday Enterprises would like to thank Travel Saver for an outstanding job they have done for us over the past several years. This will be the easiest money you ever make if you become a distributor of the Travel Saver certificates. Please do yourself a big favor join their team." Mike Atkinson, Holiday Enterprises

"Over the years I have used several companies that offer vacation packages. Travel Saver offers the best value for both the dealer and the end user. Our continuous promotion is going better than expected. The vacation and benefits package offer has created the excitement that was missing from our program, which, so far translates into a 34% increase in sales." Bob Furino, CEO, New York


"These vacation giveaways have increased my business 40% so far and climbing. A must have for your business growth!!" Joseph Mestres, TNTCO INTL. Tntco@mailcity.com


"AAA Travel started in 1998 offering your vacations to our clients. Not 1 complaint yet and we have sold thousands. The commissions we get are just an added bonus. Keep up the great work" JCarl Price AAA Travel Wisconsin Rapids, WI

"I highly endorse Travel Saver vacation certificates. I started using them in 1994 and in my business, I have to call the same customers every year to sell the new Shopping Spree Books. I can honestly say that my phone people are so happy to hear about the great accommodations they received on your certificates. This alone sells thousands of books every year for us and the effect it has on the moral of my crew is priceless." Dave Vollmer Shopping Spree Merchant Books - Oregon - Washington - California

Every year tried many incentives to get customers to our showroom. In 2006 we tried your vacations, grocery and restaurant coupons and we have never switched. If we can absolutely guarantee every customer $1000 in restaurant savings and $1000 in grocery savings, they will show up at our showroom. Our cost $0.20 WOW and you pay us $5 for every customer. THANK YOU TRAVEL SAVER." Linda & Cameron from Action Manufactured Homes of Arizona.

"WOW" my business has really picked up offering your vacation certificates. I'll be using them from now on. David Alexander, Alexanderland International Enterprises - Los Angeles, CA 

 "Thank you for this great opportunity to offer my clients such a great value. I have given 1000’s of these certificates away and my customers and clients just love them. What a value for a small processing fee and they get to go to so many different places for free. And there are NO CATCHES! I have seen and used many other programs like this and they had catches. Thank you!" Adam Miller USA Auctions 

"Without a doubt, your vacation certificates have kept us in the photography business for 23 years. We call the same customers every year and always hear how happy they were on their vacation from Travel Saver. This is our door opener. We are so grateful to Roy, Lynette and the staff from Travel Saver. Feel free to use us as a reference anytime. Carlo Bustamonte - Robinson’s Photography Cypress, CA

 I am a sales agent for Burt Chevrolet in Englewood, Colorado and I must commend Travel Saver for bringing customers to our showroom floor to fill out a credit application. My commissions have increased and my old customers are happy with your premium offers. In my industry, that leads to repeat customers. Thanks for these offers."  Ron Jackson, BURT CHEVROLET

"I, MRBucks.com have been working with Travel Saver vacation certificates for about a year now and can honestly say I have experienced nothing but excellent results."  Las Vegas, NV auctions@mrbucks.com


 "I have used these Travel Saver vacations for about 6 months, but they have INCREASED OUR SALES by over 70%! And these guys are honest! I have given away over 1,000 certificates and had only ONE problem with a customer. Travel Saver RESOLVED the problem immediately (within 2 hours!) I get thank you letters EVERY DAY from my customers because of these guys. If you can find a better deal, please let me know - I have never seen anything like this! If you are looking for a great premium to increase your sales, and want HONESTY and CUSTOMER SERVICE as part of the deal, you CANNOT GO WRONG WITH TRAVEL SAVER TRAVEL!" Jeff Weinstein Vice-President, Optimation, Inc. 

 I have given away thousands of your vacation certificates, free, with the purchase of my products - and my products are selling like hotcakes. I also earn a steady income from the commissions I receive from your company. My customers love the great vacations they receive and I love it because the vacations provide an incentive to purchase my products. GREAT PROGRAM!

Anh Tran


"I have worked with Travel saver for nearly a year now and I can assure you, there is no more helpful person on earth than Roy. If you have a problem he’s always there with the answer. Shipments are super fast and the backend money is on time. If you want a company that will be there for you, this is the one. See my site of these products at 
Dick Snyder Santa Fe Enterprises


"These Travel Saver vacation certificates are the best , low cost and effective premiums I have come across in years. I have had wonderful responses from businesses, who use them to promote their products and services, as well as customers who love using them."
Marc J. Spagnuolo - President
MJS & Associates
Direct Marketing Services

"Forest Highlands sells million dollar homes. How hard was it to find an incentive for our customers? Just a $1000 guaranteed savings on restaurants, hotels and groceries. Everyone needs to save money.  Travel Saver came thru for us and the cost was 30 cents per customer. Again, THANKS!!!"  
Camilla Deville, Manager Flagstaff, AZ

"I must say that the vacation certificates have been the best and most efficient way of increasing business and visits to my site. It has produced wonderful results instantly. A lot of times other promotional offers take some time to work, but as soon as I placed this offer on my site my business increased immediately and it caused my visitors to tell other people about it and so on. The certificates cause more referrals that keep building. The fact that they are free is just an instant selling point to any customers you are targeting." Eddy M Theodore CEO/OWNER Work At Home Careers


"My business really increased a lot since I started giving away your certificates! I will use them now, and forever!  Thank you so much."  
Michael Pribojan
Cleveland, OH

"I own my own internet marketing business, and I'd like to say that your vacation certificates have really boosted my income by almost 50%. I have discovered many different ways to use them, as a thank you for visiting my site, as incentives to my affiliate members, and in my e-book campaigns. Thanks to your company for providing for me to say thank you in such a big way, for so little investment.  My affiliate programs have really skyrocketed!!"
Maria Vowell

"I have been a sales agent with Larry H Miller Honda in Boise, ID for 4 years and it was a struggle to get customers to our showroom with a premium. When we started offering the Travel Saver incentives in 2003 my customer base shot up and that leads to more commissions and a future customer base that is happy with our offers and automobiles. Thanks for this opportunity."  

Alex Rodriguez, Larry Miller Honda

"I have only praise for Travel Saver. I've used these certificates for over a year now.  First it started real small, but now the Travel Saver certificates consists of over 40% of our gross sales and it's only going higher!  A+++ all the way!"
Balwant Chugh

"We've used the LVpremiums program for about 7-8 years to supplement our own timeshare certificate program and as an inexpensive gift on the internet to people enrolling in our various programs. We've given out a few thousand to various resorts to be used in incentive programs. The percent of usage by the end-user hasn't been high but we've had NO complaints from users and get a check every month from Travel Saver."

Nick Cassevoy
All In One Vacations

"I have been purchasing certificates from Travel Saver to resale through various internet ecommerce sites and also to companies looking to generate traffic by giving away these certificates. I find Travel Saver certificates to be a tremendous value, as they generate a great income for my firm and they also generate traffic to my family of websites. The bottom line is I get paid to advertise my sites for free and for that I can't thank Travel Saver enough. My packages always arrive timely without hassle."
Joe Richey

"Without your great vacation certificates we would never have been able to remain in business for all these years. We have gone through 5 different hotel directories in the past 10 years, but we have always given your vacation certificates to our customers. I am very thankful for all your help and great service. Feel free to use us as a reference anytime." Ernie Alfonso, Executive Travel - Phoenix, Arizona

"We have grown considerably since we started using Travel Saver certificates over 9 months ago. Travel Saver is a professional company, with first class service and accommodations. We have not had one complaint from anyone who has used their services."John Pennington, Penco Enterprises

"It was 1986 when I started using your travel certificates and I can honestly say that I have had no complaints in 20 years. I can resell all my clients because you honor every certificate as promised. Thanks to your professional service and support, I will be offering your certificates for many years to come." Warren Linley, Vacation Ideas Sherman Oaks, California


"So far, this is the best promotional tool I have ever used. Your vacation certificates have increased my response rate for my advertising." Mark Sullivan

"Travel Saver not only has a nice product, but also has extra special service. On several occasions when my failing sight has caused some confusion in the ordering system, they have made sure that what I ordered was what I meant to order, and on one occasion, did so by sending several products to meet a deadline. If all our suppliers were so easy and rewarding to do business with, our lives would be much easier".
J. Crowell, Profit Point

"So far, this is the best promotional offer I have ever used. Jerry Morris from Karl Malone Toyota in Sandy, UT introduced me to your website. Your vacation certificates have increased my customer base tremendously and my customers are excited with the vacations. Just think, I used to offer them a key chain and a daily planner that cost me $7. Now I offer them a 2 night vacation at a major hotel casino on the strip for 10 cents." Bob Johnson, Coast Cadillac Long Beach, CA

These premiums increased our sales at least 30% when we mentioned the 3day/2night mini-vacation in outgoing calls to consumers.  We ran 48 telemarketing promotions in California from 1993-1999 sponsored by major radio stations.  Many of our customers redeemed the grocery offer also (it was not mentioned on the call – so this was a surprise bonus.) These certificates also helped reduce our refunds rate!  It was a win-win-win.  The radio stations were very happy because there were no complaints.  Customers were obviously moved by these offers.   We, as promoters, were very happy with the increase to our bottom line.  Thank you Travel Saver!

Ed Sherer – GM, of Publishers Marketing Group

Here’s what some of our recent customers have to say about their trip:

" Our family enjoyed our stay at the Tropicana very much and the staff was courtesy. Check in and out was very easy and we will book future rooms through Cash Saver Las Vegas."
Eric Sorenson
Fullerton, CA

"We really like the Westgate Blue Tree Resort a lot, it was very comfortable, nice & clean. We are already planning our next trip back."


"We stayed at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs and loved it. We had a view of Disney! It was very clean and the staff was great.  This location if very convenient, walking distance to Disney springs. We loved so many things about this place. We will be back."


Donna Sontanna.


"We just wanted to thank you for our beautiful suite at the Rio in Las Vegas. It was beautiful and our honeymoon was perfect. Thanks again, and here's a shirt from 99.1 Real Rock."
Sean and Kelly Crain
Baxter, MN

"We used your vacation certificate for our 39th wedding anniversary in Lake Tahoe. We couldn’t have asked for a better time. Our room faced the Lake and the staff gave us free breakfast and lots of casino coupons."
Marilyn Luston
Weaverville, CA

Dear Travel Saver! I just wanted to tell you what a terrific time we had at Paris in Las Vegas on Jan 2 as a result of using your certificates. Our rooms were spacious and comfortable, lending both excitement and that good old Las Vegas Flair of class and style. You may use me as a reference any time you wish. I will respond to email tony@sonic.net whenever someone wishes to ask me about your services. Thanks again for our wonderful vacation."
Tony Kinnear
Rohnert Park, CA 

"This is to say that we had a wonderful time at the Portofino Inn at Disneyland. It rained both days we were there and the folks at the hotel said it only rains 5 times a year. We will recommend your offers to our friends as we had a very nice accommodations. Thanks for your services."
Sharon Williams
Jackson, TN

"Thank you Alhambra Nissan and Cash Saver for the vacation at the Mirage Casino. Oh, try not to get a room by the volcano or you will be up all night. Not that you wouldn't be anyway. This is Vegas, after all."
Melissa and Jack Sullivan.

"We were very impressed with our accommodations in Las Vegas. Beautiful gardens w/ fountains were a beautiful sight when we opened our door. We will definitely be coming back in the future."
C. Neukirch
Seattle, WA

"Thank you Travel Saver and HomeWatch Security for the wonderful vacation in Orlando at the Doubletree Hotel. We stayed 3 extra nights and came back ready for a vacation to rest up. Thanks for the special discount book. It saved us at most of the parks."
JP & Sandy Dyer
Cadiz, OH

My sister and I took the kids to Orlando for the free vacation and enjoyed our room at the Ramada Maingate. We had free shuttle to the parks and the pool was very nice and relaxing in the evenings, Thanks and we will contact you for future trips"
Judy Buium
West Columbia, SC

"Thank you Roy and Keith for the trip to Las Vegas. We choose the Mirage and this was the first time we stayed there. Las Vegas Hotels are always a bit hard for me to critique but for this one I can easily give four stars because of the great service I received everywhere (especially the lovely ladies in the VIP Lounge), the nice updated rooms on the 24/25 level and the great pool! Also the location at the Center Strip makes it very convenient to explore Vegas, even by foot if you prefer to walk along the strip. Also thanks to the people at Hyla for giving us this offer."
John and Betty Lindsey. Baitsville, AK

"Celebration Suites Old Town is close to Old Town, which is where all the fun is. This is a great hotel, clean and the staff is very nice. We will be returning to this hotel in the future. Thank you Cash Saver for introducing us to this hotel." 


Yolanda Lorenz.

"Just a note to let you know how much my family enjoyed our vacation in Las Vegas. My husband Richard won a $500 jackpot on a slot machine for the first time ever. Thanks for our free vacation."
Florence M. Dunn
Portland, OR

"We were very pleased with our stay in Anaheim. I recommend your offer highly. Also enjoyed the continental breakfast and pool every day."
Mary Price
San Diego, CA

"We had a pleasant stay in Anaheim in November. We were close to Disneyland and it was very convenient for our family. Thanks for the vacation."
Pam Davinson-Harper
Dallas, TX

"Thank you for our trip to Reno. The Sands was a very nice place to stay and we were very pleased. We went May 16th and 17th. Thanks again."
Sheri Anderson
Santa Cruz, CA

"Thanks for the free stay in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had wonderful rooms at the Ocean Sands and will return next year for some golfing. We went the wrong time of year as it was muggy and hot in July. Dan will book us for April next year. We got your offer from Coastal Vacations and also have several more to use.
Dan & Marge Deng
Freehold, NJ

"Our trip to Anaheim was great. Our hotel was really great and we enjoyed the swimming, Disneyland and Knots Berry Farm. Thanks!"
Rebecca R. Freeman
Ridgecrest, CA

"We were very pleased with our accommodations and services in Lake Tahoe. We also have a vacation certificate that we will be using in Reno later this year."
Robert Martin
Vale, Oregon

"My family just stayed on your vacation and we selected and stayed at The Seven Gables Inn in Branson the other night and absolutely loved it. The owner is super nice and does everything she can to take care of her guests. The breakfast had a great assortment of hot/cold items. We had a 2 queen room and there is a soft and a firm bed to choose from. I slept on the soft bed and it was so comfy. The firm bed was still soft and not at all uncomfortable. We will definitely stay here again!!!  Thanks for the experience."
Judy and Jason H.

"We used your vacation certificate in Reno for our Honeymoon. Thanks to your offer we received the nights we requested and had a wonderful honeymoon. Thanks again!"
Beth & Tom Rutledge
Bend, OR

"We really had a great stay at the Atlantis Resort in Reno in July. Thanks for the free vacation offer."  Mark Durben San Francisco

"Thanks for the great stay at the Creekside Inn in Gatlinburg. We were very surprised at how beautiful the area was. Thanks to Excel and Cash Saver for our wonderful rooms."
Kim Talley
Alberville, AL

"Just got back from Rocky Waters Inn in Gatlinburg. Thanks to all the staff at Cash Savers for everything."  
Larry and Michele Adams.

"Thank you for the stay in Las Vegas. I came back with $500 for the 1st time ever. Thank you very much."
Glenn Wright
Victorville, CA

"We enjoyed our accommodations very much at the La Baer Inn. Our most sincere thanks."
Pat & Jim Patton
Idaho Falls, ID

"We just got your new offer and wanted to thank you for the nice trip we had in Las Vegas at Bally's. The rooms are larger than the ones at the Paris. We also received a wonderful dinner for joining their slot club.
John Mueller

Coasta Mesa, CA

"Just want to say the 2 nights at the Excalibur were really nice. Lots of kids at all the pools but we enjoyed the 2 nights." 

Maria & James Nunez.

"We took you up on the free vacation from Pure Water Systems and just got back last week from our stay at the Summer Bay in Orlando. The kids had a great vacation and Jack and I want to thank Pure Water and Cash Saver for a wonderful time. Feel free to send us your specials."
Marge & Jack Southard
Palm Bay, FL

"We want to thank Cash Saver and Travel Saver for the trip to Las Vegas 2 weeks ago. First time we ever stayed at the Rio and we will definitely be going back in the future."
R. Anderson

"Returned safe from our Las Vegas vacation on your free room offer. Thanks for the room at the Tropicana. We saved your brochure and will book our next stay with Travel Savers. Thanks again"
Aletha Terrell
Southfield, MI

"My husband and I had a wonderful 2 nights at the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas and we just want to say thank you Downtown Kia for the great vacation."  
Barbara Greene Los Angeles.

"We were very pleased with the Crown Plaza Orlando Universal, we had a great stay. Hotel and room was clean and the staff was accommodating.  The facilities are more than adequate. We will stay here again." 


Peter Michaels.

"First time we were in Las Vegas since 1998 and Everything has changed. How did they ever get the space to widen the strip by 6 more lanes? The staff were very nice and the Tropicana was much different than in 1998."
Dorothy and Herb Reynolds Dallas, TX.

"Thank you people at Cash Saver for the wonderful vacation at the Ramada Main gate in Anaheim last month. First time we ever went to Disneyland and it was really enjoyable."
Dena Elsayed.

"My bf and I had great service from start to finish while staying at Caesars Palace On our Cash Saver offer.  We arrived early and attempted to check in and was told that our room was not ready yet.  The guy at the front desk was so helpful and really nice.  He said that he'll rush a room for us and took down my number so that I'll be texted when the room was ready.  He then offered my bf and I bottled waters.  When I asked him about the swimming pools, he gave me a key just so I could go and check the pools out.  He also gave me a map of the pools and told me the ones that he recommended.  He told me that there are 7 pools even though on the site, it says 8 pools.  Literally within 15 minutes, I received a text stating that the room was ready.  We were placed in the Forum tower and our luggage were brought up to us within minutes. We will be going back there again next year for sure."
Loretta and George Hayes

"I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Tropicana. It was much better than I expected for a "free-bee". The grounds are delightful. The Casino was excellent as well as the restaurants and entertainment. Also, the location is excellent. Thank you."
Shirley Partito
Fawnskin, CA

"Thank you for your Las Vegas promotion offer of a free vacation. It was a wonderful vacation and I have recommended you to my friends."
Joyce Powell
Barstow, CA

"Thank you Cash Saver and here is my promised review. My only complaint about the Carriage House Inn was that I had to leave. My trip ended and I didn't want to go home. This place is amazing. First of all this place is as clean as you can get. Our room was so nice and clean and spacious. We had a fridge and microwave in our room which was very helpful. The cleaning staff took care of our room on our time, whenever it was convenient for us. The owner of the motel runs the breakfast room. He makes sure everyone knows where everything is, and really makes an effort to get to know all of his guests. By the time we left I felt like we'd been friends with him for a long time. Get ready to have a good time with him...he's one of the friendliest men there is!"  
Samantha L.


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There are no fees required to become a distributor. 
To order a usable sample of all of our incentive offers click here

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