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Cash Saver / Travel Saver was created in 1994 to give businesses a vacation incentive that works directly with hotels and does not involve any timeshare presentations. Our incentive offers are not to be sold to the end user. 

Over 20 years of proven experience.
All businesses need to generate traffic, boost sales, get more appointments and increase referral business. To do this, business owners must offer valuable incentives to their prospective customer to take a particular action. Travel is the #1 incentive that moves people into ACTION! With low cost and high value, you are guaranteed to increase sales and leads with happy customers. If there was a place where business owners could go to a store and buy as many customers as they wanted for just 10 cents each, the store would be packed with marketing people buying customers. Well, that store doesn't exist, but we have the next best thing. Free vacation certificates. They are full color and personalized with your company name at just 10 cents each. If you want the best value for your advertising money, and you want to get a step up on your competition, give our vacations a try.
Just 10 cents each for a new customer.
Invaluable! We guarantee to honor 100% of our vacation certificates under our simple terms and conditions. We earn our money by re-booking our customers on return specials. We invite you to check us out with Federal, State and local agencies such as the Better Business Bureau. If we have no complaints, we must be doing something right. What other vacation company will offer you a free test of their vacation certificate before buying? We do.
  • Customized to your business!
  • Simple to Explain!
  • Extremely Effective!

Our Privacy Policy: Cash Saver will not sell or share any of your information with any other entity. Using any of our offers from this website entitles Cash Saver 
to send a copy of your receipt to your email address used on your order. Cash Saver will also send an email list of your customers when you earn commissions
monthly.  Cash Saver may also at times email you any changes or additions to our offers.

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